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What is SRS Paranormal?  We are not your average team.  Investigations, events  and a paranormal journey like no other.

About us

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Who we are...

  • We are a diverse group of researchers with well over a decade of investigative and spiritualist experience both individually and as a team.  Located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, we are dedicated to seeking the truth . We are pioneering a new way to investigate  by combing both ends of the paranormal world .  We  not only use the latest technology and a methodical approach, but we employ classic Spiritualist methods simultaneously  to validate or disprove the claims and experiences at each location.  By combining both methods for the first time ever we may  answer who or what haunts our world. 

SRS Paranormal visits the infamous  Hinsdale House

Investigations and more...

  • SRS Paranormal investigates the most haunted locations to research and document the existence of the paranormal.  Our unique approach offers new and promising opportunities to cross validate conventional research alongside psychic experiences and spiritualist methods. Our ground breaking research may lead to answers in the field of paranormal research.  

Case Manger Al James SRS Paranormal leads a public investigation

What we do...

  • SRS Paranormal conducts both private and public investigations at famous haunted locations,  as well as , residential work for those being troubled by their experiences .  We work directly with locations to help raise funds and preserve history for future generations. SRS also hosts events , workshops and attends paracons.  We love to collaborate with like-minded teams, investigators,  and psychics.


Contact Us

For information about investigations, events or help with paranormal activity  call or email us.  

For  readings  from Ronda or Nikita contact them below .

Facebook: @rondacaudillphd or @nikitafoxboggssrs

SRS Paranormal

Based out of The Nickerson Snead House Museum, 33365 Lee Highway, Glade Spring, VA 24340,

(423) 390-0409


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