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The Nickerson Snead House Museum

Honored to call this amazing location our home haunt!!!  Be sure to check out all events at the NSH.

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End of the Line Paranormal

This team of amazing researchers and dear friends is based out of the insanely haunted Brushy Mountain Prison.  We look forward to more collaborative efforts with these ladies in the future.  Check out their  Facebook as well.

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Paranormal Brew

This group of energic like minded researchers and dear friends of ours are a blast.  We look forward to future collaborative efforts.  Check out their Facebook pages.

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Deadlite LLC

Hands down the absolute best IR lights in the field.  Josh Bender hand builds these incredible lights and his customer service is first class.  Here at SRS we choose to lite up the night with Deadlite.  We have become friends with Josh who himself is a paranormal researcher;  we hope to collaborate in the future on an investigation.

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